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Employment law HR support for UK employers

Lawrite provides employment law, HR and health and safety law support for UK employers.

Our subscriptions for legal and HR documents and telephone legal advice for small businesses can be purchased online at the Lawrite Lawshop.

Outsourced legal and HR support, HR and management consultancy is available from Lawrite HR. We also train managers about employment law and avoiding discrimination in the workplace.

Lawrite Lawshop - subscriptions for small business owners, and in-house HR professionals

Subscriptions for small business owners, and in-house HR professionals

The Lawrite Lawshop sells subscriptions for Lawrite's packaged services for small business owners or managers and in-house HR professionals.

Lawrite Documents package

An annual subscription to the Lawrite Documents package for employment law, HR and Health and Safety document templates including contracts of employment, contractor agreements, employee handbooks for HR policies and procedures, health and safety policies and statements.

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Lawrite Employer Support Service

An annual subscription to the documents package with added unlimited access to telephone legal advice from employment lawyers.

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Lawrite HR - HR consultancy and outsourced HR support

HR consultancy and outsourced HR support

Lawrite HR can advise and assist with all employee human resources issues, including absence from work, performance review, redundancy, disciplinary and grievance procedures, employee appraisals and avoiding discrimination.

Lawrite HR provides outsourced HR and legal support to a range of businesses and organisations in London and further afield across the UK.

We have international clients with UK employees whose HR teams are based abroad and rely on Lawrite HR to guide them through the complexities of UK employment law, and provide the help they need when problems with staff arise.

Managed HR for UK employers

The Managed HR service is a fixed-cost solution for UK employers, with one to one legal and HR support and all documents drafted for you by an employment lawyer.

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HR and management consultancy

Lawrite HR can help employers deal with their HR, employment law and management problems on a specific project basis.

Lawrite HR is experienced at conducting workplace investigations for employers, and we can mediate between employers and employees to resolve disputes. Lawrite HR experts can handle disciplinary, grievance and performance review procedures for employers.

Lawrite HR can advise and help employers to restructure their business and carry out redundancies if required.

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Employment law HR training for managers

Lawrite HR can provide training for managers about employment law and the Equality Act. Training can cover how to deal with disciplinary action or employee grievances and avoid unfair dismissal or discrimination in the workplace.

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Employment laws in the UK

Lawrite provides free information about UK employment law at:

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